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PEC member are busy in building resource material for upper primary and secondary schools

Team is working on showcasing new concepts of fitness

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Vision    :  Make Sports a way of life !

Mission :  Our mission is to develop life skills in individuals through the power of Physical

                       Education and Sports.

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For the past 44 years, people behind it are working tirelessly, endeavouring its bit in promoting Sports and Games in India.

The members feel elevated, when they see that they have been able to "make a difference" in Schools, Colleges, Universities and Communities, through the power of Physical Education.

In the year 1996, the association transformed itself to Physical Education Congress, a professional body so has to diversify in the domains where Physical Education and Sports could play a larger role.


To encourage and develop of Physical Education and Sports
To popularise, encourage and assist to improve standard of Physical Education and Sports 
To advocate importance of Physical Education and Sports amongst children, parents educationist and administrators.
To develop Physical Education curriculums for schools and colleges
To conduct competitive Sports at Local, Regional, National and International levels
To organise workshops, seminars and conferences for the development of various aspects of Physical Education and Sports
To organise coaching camps and clinics in various Games and Sports
To set-up COE (Centres Of Excellence) in various Games and Sports
Conducting Soft skill workshop in following arena Team building, Leadership, Communication, Success, Execution !

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"Obstacles are those frightful things you see when you take your eyes off your goals."


-Sydney Smith

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