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PEC member are busy in building resource material for upper primary and secondary schools

Team is working on showcasing new concepts of fitness



Ideas are easy. It's the execution of ideas that really separates the sheep from the goats !



Sue Grafton


What is common between movie director of Tare zameen par and Chairman of Delhi Metro, it is nothing but a well laid plan, which is, thought, build and executed flawlessly. Look at a pilot / a football striker, his one move makes a BIG IMPACT = Execution …Let’s not forgot we can count such executors on our finger tips !


We the Indians are one of the best in framing rules, making a programme but where we lack is the execution or operations !


Imagine the impact if government policies are not executed in right direction, if super computer fails to respond at most critical hour, aircraft engine hangs (like our computer) = Impact goes haywire without saying.


Do not forget, who makes aircraft engine, who makes movie, who passes ball to striker = Its humans off-course, that makes the topic even more serious !


Power of execution has tremendous impact on an individual, society and corporate world.
We at PEC having studied different techniques, that will showcase different options, therby enriching you and your orgnisation, to benefit from Power of Execution.



Who should participate ? Individuals, Corporate professionals, College students, persons who believe in taking ‘proactive steps’ to mould the future.



Methodology: Workshop with activities, motivating videos, framework of leadership, the practical orientation of the skills, case studies.



Benefitted Audience after workshop: Its self-development endeavour ! Also corporates,management institutues, colleges who wants to nurture new talents.











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"Obstacles are those frightful things you see when you take your eyes off your goals."


-Sydney Smith

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