Make Sports a way of life !
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Trying to Mainstream Physical
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Make Sports a way of life !

We are a team of dedicated and devoted professionals in the most exciting field of Physical Education and Sports. Our aim is to develop and promote programmes of Games and Sports in schools, colleges, universities and communities.

Few friends got together in 1966 with a vision to promote Games and Sports in the capital. Under the agies of L.C.P.E. alumni association, Delhi Unit. With a modest beginning in 1972, the Association organised a Basketball tournament, in the memory of late Shri A.K.Singh former Principal of L.C.P.E. Gwalior: Mr. Singh was closely associated with Bal Bhawan, Delhi (Former Director) and Netaji Subash National Institute of Sports Patiala (Deputy Director). Later this tournament became an annual feature for Delhi Schools.

Our next endeavour was to create interest in the game of Volley Ball which was the least popular Sport in 70's with Delhi schools. The association introduced first ever S. S. Jadhav Memorial Volley Ball tournament in the memory of 2nd Lt. S.S. Jadav, a former alumnus L.C.P.E Gwalior, who laid his Iife for the country in Indo-Pak War 1965. This tournament feeded many star players to Delhi State, who later represented the country.

Considering that Hockey needed a boost especially in school sector we took another step & started organising B.L.Puri memorial Hockey Tournament which had also became very popular.


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