Our Clients


It’s more than just faculty, they’re extremely flexible in terms of programme design. They’re also ready to co-create. We can bring in top-level executives to help deliver the course, as well as actors, writers, journalists.
Rory Simpson, Chief Learning Officer
It has been a real pleasure. Working with the FT is an important part of the whole programme for us. We work closely to design a programme that works in the context of our business, and one that we can roll out across the globe.
Bahare Heywood, Chief Risk and Compliance Officer
The methods and expertise, combined with the magnificent faculty, were the main reason to choose them.
José Miguel Caras, Learning & Development Director
We identified a rich thread of FT insight which we wanted to use in the most effective way. The result was a perfectly tailored learning solution.
Jeni Taylor, Former Head of Business Performance and Leadership