Make Sports a way of life !
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Members are busy in implementing and advocating PEC India program in primary schools across India

Framing curriculum for middle and secondary schools


Coca-Cola India



Bharti foundation

British Council


LNUPE Gwalior

Sports Advocacy

1.2 Billion people, 500 Million below age 30, 100 CWG medials.....

We cannot even think of calculation percentages here !

Our vision is " Make sports a way of life !"


We are talking here about a cultural change.


An Overall New System,


A New way of life...

Read any Management / Leadership / Team building book from a well known author there will be ample examples related to sports.

Sports directly / indirectly teaches us much more than just simple game itself.

It helps us become better


  • Smart individuals
  • Support co worker
  • Teaches professionalism
  • Builds confidence
  • Builds endurance
  • Successful learners
  • Responsible citizens
  • Confident indiduals
  • Improvise our health & immune system resulting in better productivity & efficiency.

    We are not looking at any stop-gap arrangement or any kind of jugad


if you say so, our focus is starting a new journey

which opens new horizons for our youngsters to stand strong & roar the world !


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