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Limca Soccer


Limca Soccer has become an annual feature occupies now and occupies a place in the sports calendar of Delhi Soccer. Venture has enabled the boys not only to excel but has also taught them to particip ate iii the true spirit of sportsmanspirit.


Limca SOCCER provided the atmosphere & fulfilled the demands of staging Delhi ‘s first ever well organised effort in the shape of premier soccer championship


The response has been so encourging year after year. During the 13th version of the Tournament in a row. We invited 32 top local teams & 8 outstation teams, including one from Nepal i.e. Glaxy Public School, who was the winner also. Limca Soccer has been biggest footall theatre in the captial’s school soccer, we have to prove further that we are good actors

“Time will Tell”.


“Main feature of the tournament”


  1. 16 scholarships for promising players, worth of Rs. 2000/- each
  2. Limca Mementos to Winners, Runners-up, 3rd & 4th place occupiers
  3. Trophy for best march past troupe
  4. Fair play trophy in the memory of late Sh. Gerald Hasu, sports editor of the National Herald
  5. Incentives to local teams who qualified for Super League Fixtures
  6. Comfortable stay at Delhi to outstation teams.

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"Obstacles are those frightful things you see when you take your eyes off your goals."


-Sydney Smith

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