Campus Olympic

India is no more a country of snake charmers, chaos, dirt and violence. Today’s India is different because it can hope as never before ! Everyone needs to change drastically and without hope for future there can neither be joy in present nor creative action. For hope, joy and plenty of action let’s make Sports a way of life….

The Battle of Waterloo was won from the playgrounds of ‘Eton’ is what lord wellington said after conquering world conqueror Napoleon. These words carry the same weight even today. Great sporting nations are also booming economies. When economy is booming can raising a toast to it, be far behind. One may not buy this idea after technical shifts in global economy in 2008, but for several decades, the countries that have played well have also faired well. One needs only to look at the list of Olympic medal tallies, led by nations such as china and America

Sport is fun. It’s an arena where adrenaline is always pumping, even if you are not in the field, shout till your throat aches, jump till you drop dead, swing, sway and dance, it’s a place to be at any game.

Life is a game for growth, play together, and grow together.

Sport is a great motivator. It is the people who play and excel who know what it takes to reach there, the build-up, hardships, hair raising encounters, failures, hopes, joys and plenty of actions.

We do not know what technologies and platform will be available to work on in the next decade, but what we surely know, is that India will have the youngest workforce across the globe !! And we also know the basic skills required for that workforce will be Successful learners, Confident Individual and Responsible Citizens / Netizens.

And that is what we believe at PEC; that a BALL can change the world. It can be the biggest teacher. Our ambitions for 2020 or 2050 is same, we need great team players and brilliant heads which other domain /discipline can boast of creating these qualities other than Physical Education and Sports.