Organisation of Tournaments

In any sporting event, it does not matter who wins or looses, what matters most is the participation.

Running and proving a successful show is something we always look forward to. Our past turnkey projects speaks volume.

You name a game and we master it, be it Hockey, Football, Cricket, Gymnastics or Atheletics, the list goes on and on !

We follow simple n effective ground rules, depicting professionalism at every step.

How do we do it ? 6 Steps to Success…

1st Phase : Project Kick-off : Initiation : Requirement Gathering Phase :
This is all about understanding clearly your requirement, what is your E2E expectations.

2nd Phase : Planning : Core Team Formation : Identifying & Forming right core team to execute your project involving and gaining complete buy-in of all the necessary stakeholders.
(Event Manager, Event Planner, Event Coordinators, Information manager, Logistic manager etc.)

3rd Phase : Market Assesment : performing market assesment to select the right venue

4th Phase : Execution : Executing the plan made in order to perform the well-defined tasks.

5th Phase : Control : Keeping a bulls eye to keep the budget & timeline intact, as defined in the begining.

6th Phase : Evaluation : We believe in every event execution, there are good things and area of improvements, a customer survey & lessons Learnt is launched at every event completion to capture such moments