Leadership is not something which one can study and pass. There are tons of stones to be unturned, to see the silver lining of ‘leadership’

Do leaders make mistake? Yes, of course they do like common individuals but the difference is that a Leader Not only learns from his past mistakes but also from other people’s mistakes !

They have only one mission on their mind, heart and soul, “to create more leaders” !
History has provided us so many leaders and we enjoy the fruits of their vision every day and night !

We at PEC strongly believe looking at our population, our country needs many MORE leaders than ever before ! Generation Y is moving on fast track its digital / virtual / on-line social world for them, we need to showcase them right path to ‘walk the talk’ .

We wish to showcase a framework to discover one’s own hidden talents, noteworthy leadership styles and ways to establish a clear vision/mission. We also showcase set of industry proven best practices, provides tools, techniques and guidelines  to successfully elevate your portfolio / programs / projects.

As rightly said in business, leadership is welded to performance. Effective leaders are those who increase their companies bottom lines and this what PEC intends to do and prove along with you.

Who should participate ? Individuals, Corporate professionals, College students, persons who believe in taking ‘proactive steps’ to mould the future.

Methodology: Workshop with activities, motivating videos, framework of leadership, the practical orientation of the skills, case studies.

Benefitted Audience after workshop: Its self-development endeavour ! Also corporates,management institutues, colleges who wants to nurture new talents.